Sell With Us | SafetyHQ - The Workplace Safety and PPE Specialists

SafetyHQ is a collective group of local independently owned safety gear stores with hard-core safety people that offer a total workplace safety solution for their customers.

SafetyHQ Members are combining their business knowledge, market awareness and volumes with the aim of developing a business identity that is a dominant player in its industry segment.

Benefits of becoming a Supply Partner to the SafetyHQ network:

  • Immediate introduction to existing and developing/emerging Safety HQ Members
  • All members are encouraged to support Supply Partners through their purchasing Specialised market focus through industry focused specialists
  • Reduced competition at national administration and individual store level
  • Cost effective national advertising opportunities through brochures and catalogues
  • Networking opportunities through annual trade show/market days
  • Market intelligence and product feedback
  • Stable distribution base
  • Potential for bulk purchasing/selling opportunities
  • Inclusion in national promotional strategies and competitions Professional, dedicated, upfront and honest organisational philosophy

We are currently on the lookout for reliable vendors in the Workwear, PPE and Safety Equipment categories that are interested in fast-tracking their online strategy or expanding their online channels.

No upfront fees, additional staff or expensive software required, SafetyHQ can help get your business up and selling with minimal effort required.

Contact to discuss an immediate onboarding strategy.